Private Lender Submission Form

We’re looking for a few go-to private lenders interested in making a great return.

The funds would be used to fund our off-market vacant land flip acquisitions.

Here’s what we can offer:

12% interest only per annum plus 2 point origination fee for each loan.

Private lender would fund each deal separately paid directly to title/escrow/attorney. These funds would be secured by a 1st position deed of trust or mortgage on deeply discounted off-market raw land purchases.

Depending on the market, most acquisitions are at 30-50% of retail value.

Most purchase prices are in the range of $50,000 to $200,000. Some deals are larger as they become available.

Interest only would accumulate and be paid off at the closing resale.

Average repayment time period is 90-120 days or less. Sometimes this is much quicker. Other times it may take a little longer.

If the hold time on any individual property were to exceed 6 months, a catch up interest payment would be made and then monthly interest only payments would be made until paid off.

Private lender would have complete transparency into our property specific due diligence including field reports, photo/video files, title reports, and broker opinion correspondence.

Detailed log of 160+ previous land flip deals is available upon request to review. Log will verify that there have been no losses to date.

In the event of a future loss on any individual deal, the business is well capitalized to pay any potential shortfall.

A continous flow of acquisitions and sales would keep your money invested and producing great returns.

Must be responsive and able to fund acquisitions in a timely manner.

Must have a pool of funds available of at least $250k+ to fund multiple acquisitions at a time.

We’re a professional business looking to expand our team and purchasing operation.

If this type of arrangement is of interest to you, let’s schedule a Zoom call to see if there is a fit.

Get in touch with us by completing the form below!

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Copyright © 2022 Sale Pros Corp. | All Rights Reserved